Saturday, November 20, 2010

Wow I can't believe this day has come!

So It's my birthday, it is a special day for me. But a year ago today I was not in a good place and made some decisions as I was trying to find myself that lead me down a path that wasn't good. I look at myself today and who I was then and am so grateful for the strength I've found, for the amazing friends that I have and constantly support me. I am grateful for my parents who even though I was acting very childish, rude and hurtful; still supported me and showed their unconditional love for me through it all. I am so grateful for the gospel of Jesus Christ in my life, and though I questioned it for awhile and needed to find my testimony...yet again, was able to find the same truths still there and a savior who is always waiting for me to come to him! I am grateful for the rainbows after the storms in my life, showing me all that I've learned in those dark times. I am also so grateful for the education I'm receiving so that I can help children build a foundation in their lives and brighten their future. I am grateful for so many more things than I can possible name. I love that even though I will continue to have rough patches on this road of life, I will be able to get through it! I can do hard things, Through Christ I Can! I am sorry I have not been the example that I should have been, but I have learned so much through the last year, especially the last two or three months and I'd never change what I've gained from it. I guess I just felt like I needed to share that.
As I sat in the temple today waiting to watch my dear mission companion get married, I felt this realization of all that transpired this year and all that I've learned and how grateful I was able to be at the temple today to share this special day with her! What an amazing knowledge to know I'm a daughter of God, to know I have a Father who loves me and I truly feel that more and more each day!
Although at times I get discouraged about the future, I remember he loves me and wants me to be happy and if this is something I have to go through to prepare myself for the future, than I can do it!
It has been a great day! I am so happy I didn't follow through with actions I planned in the spring, I am glad I had a friend whose amazing spirit helped me see what I needed to do, for a priesthood blessing and for another chance...a chance to make it to today, to my 25th birthday, a wonderful day filled with happiness and love. Steph thanks! I am so blessed to have you as my friend!
Okay so I think that's enough! Good night world!

Friday, November 5, 2010

Happy Halloween

The perks of being an elementary school teacher, getting to dress up. To quote a professor, sometimes we just have to put on our sequins and show up. Well I just put on my straw and continued to pick it up for the rest of the day.. so much fun!

I didn't think I could love 2nd graders as much as I do!

My field experience is amazing, I have taught everyday I've been there except twice. That's a lot! Although it is a huge amount of work, it is making me feel like I really did choose the right profession and I might actually do ok in this field. I have some funny true stories that I wanted to share.

First, I work at Sam's club as a Tobacco Cashier, not my first choice but I need the money. So the afternoon after my first "official" day in field work one of the students in my rotation period saw me at the tobacco desk. I recognized him, could remember his name but smiled. Then on Monday (the beginning of red ribbon week) he walks into class, walks straight up to me so that there is maybe a ruler space between us and says in a very serious face..."do you smoke?" All I could think is great, this is the impression I want my second graders to see.

Later on that week we were to wear our favorite jersey or team t-shirt so I wore my "I bleed Purple" WSU shirt. I had finished teaching my lesson and again my rotation kids were coming in and I could here behind me as I erased the white board...'dude she bleeds purple, hey you guys she bleeds purple.' I walked back to the back where my back pack was and I hear the student say 'Miss Johnson, if you bleed purple....maybe you have cancer.' I laughed so hard! I told him I would have to get that checked!

I think the best things that have happened while I've been in the school so far is 1) I get there when my class is at lunch and if it's a nice day they sit out on the grass and as I walk up all the kids run to me and give me hugs! I love that so much! 2) Seeing one of my students receive a bike helmet as a contest winner and he was so excited, "I am so happy I think I might pop" were his exact words. Made me happy! 3) An adorable little boy in my class drawing me a picture and being among the many girls to run and give me hugs. He is so adorable and it makes me happy to know even some boys like me too, even if he is only 7.

I do have hard students that get off task or don't pay attention, but I've been applying the things I've learn from great professors and shockingly they have worked. I love ASR, it truly does work. Some thing else that works is recognizing when they are doing what they are supposed to be doing.

I got to go to the Halloween party and my kids danced and decorated cookies and colored halloween decorations, it was so fun. I am so sad that In a few weeks the semester will end and I won't be able to go to their class anymore, I don't know how I'm going to be able to say goodbye to students every year, only to get attached to another group again. But I know this is where I'm supposed to be even if it's hard. I love my students!