Tuesday, September 29, 2009

Have you ever had one of those days?

Well I have just had one of those weeks. It's been a bear. I've been sick all week with vertigo stuff. And so I missed two days of school and now I feel like I'm way behind. I also am not up to snuff yet so everything is so overwhelming and I feel like nothing is making sense. It sucks cause I was just thinking last week (the beginning), how i've done pretty well at keeping up in my classes. Well guess I need to watch what I say!
Other than that life is good, we had to make family tree posters in my spanish class for today and one of the girls in there was so giggly...of course in caught on and it was a good thing. I also found out that I get free student health care at my school. Which was like amazing. I love it. So I went and figured out what is wrong with me, now I can get better!!! Well my extremely long commute ride is almost over so I say goodbye for now.

Monday, September 28, 2009

Well I had a blog my first year in College because we had to. Let's just say I didn't keep up with it very well. But I didn't care about anything that I talked about then...cause I had to talk about specific school stuff. What I'm trying to say is this should be a better attempt because I can talk about what I want to. Key word should. Well I'm going to school, working, and trying to figure out who I am. Life is crazy. I returned home from a Mission to Halifax Canada in June and sometimes I still feel like I'm adjusting. Today I've been struggling with personality things that I want to change but can't. You see I have this internal desire to stay close with all my friends...but it's harder than it seems sometimes cause not everyone feels the same way. Lately I've felt like I really don't have anyone that I can just call up and go do something. It's hard growing up. I keep thinking that it's just me and I need to change so that I will be more likable or I need to not be so needy cause I think I can be overwhelming. So I decided that I would try that. I want to be that friend I would like to have. Not the one that won't stop calling or txt-ing or facebook stalking or comes to your house and you want them to leave but are too nice to say get out of my house your bugging me. I want to be someone that people can come to for advice. That people go out of their way to say Hi or I was thinking about you. Then on the opposite side I feel like I'm one of a kind, whose willing to go the extra mile and show a close friend how much their friendship means to me but I can't find someone to reciprocate. Who knows. These were just the thoughts going through my head right now. I guess it's not the opening I had in mind. I actually set up this account 3 weeks ago but haven't thought of what to say in the first post, so although this is not what I had in Mind, it'll have to work. Well of to bed school comes early.