Saturday, October 31, 2009

Happy Halloween!

This week has been crazy! I've not been sleeping well, so last night I went for a drive. Okay so it was this morning at like 3am. I just had to get out and go. Everyone in my house was snoozing and nobody I know stays up that late so there was no calling anyone. I just left with the music blaring. I left for a few hours and It was great, the night was so peaceful. I was warm in my car and It felt good to just go.
Anyway, It's halloween and I'm home and not doing anything tonight, fun that is. I've got a million things to do for school two nope I mean three papers. One test to study for and I'm going crazy. Literally. That is all. I guess.
I hadn't been on in a while so I figured I needed to update me on my life!

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

The Little Things

So I was driving my sister to school yesterday and as we were driving down our street I saw the mountains in front of us with the clouds just hanging around the peak and the clouds were formed and billowing and just gorgeous and then in a divide of the mountains the sun comes through just under the clouds. Oh it was beautiful!! I don't know if I described it right but it was so beautiful. I missed those kind of mornings in Canada. They don't have Mountains in Eastern Canada. They try to make you believe they do, but all they have are hills.
Well after my beautiful morning scene, I drove up to WSU for Spanish Class and then to the dentist for what was supposed to be a really minor fix. Then he added two more fillings onto that when he found two cavities. It was great. I left with my whole left side numb. I couldn't feel my ear! I came home and took what was supposed to be an hour nap. Yeah I woke up four hours later. I guess I was a little tired. :) Well then I couldn't sleep last night oops. Now I am so tired today. I will sleep tonight! Well I'm off to catch my second bus.

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

Life is good!

So last friday I was able to go to my first mission reunion. It was great to see so many friends that I made! It was great to see my mission president again as well. But it wasn't complete. One of my best-est friends wasn't there. I have a companion who is still serving, she gets home in 15 days. I can not wait for her to get home! I talked to her tonight and I've forgotten how much she makes me laugh. I feel like I'm a better person when I'm around her. Well that's really all I wanted to say...just how much I miss her. She's so awesome. That's all!

These Pictures are some of the fun ones we had! (which we had a few) the top one is on Christmas day and we were getting ready to talk to our families. That is my most favorite picture of us!!! Next is at Sisters training. We stayed up late talking and then had a treat... turtles. Can you see the string of carmel to her mouth? Cool huh! Then the bottom is when we were going to a District
Meeting and we wanted to wear
ties too! Fun Fun Fun :)!