Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Field Experience

So today I start my five week field experience in an elementary school in Ogden. I am so excited. I love this part of the semester, because it's actually getting in the classroom and doing something with what I've been learning and 'hypothetically' doing in my college courses. I'm excited to get to know all the little students and see them grow! OH, I love this profession. Lets see what I think about it after my lessons :o).
I also have made head way in starting my senior synthesis service project. I am making hats, blankets, headbands, and other craft items for primary children's hospital. I was inspired to do this because I made a baby blanket for a dear professor who had her baby over the summer and a cute little hat for her other little girl. I decided that I could do that for kids at the hospital who need a little cheering up, and homemade gifts are the least I like them. I'm way excited to get started and finish this project before student teaching in the spring, cause I think I'm going to busy enough with just that!!!! I will post pictures of my progress over the next couple of months.
Well gotta get to my homework cause today is going to be a busy day. :o)

Monday, October 18, 2010

Learning from others...

Inspired by President Monson. Okay a few weeks ago my church had a women's broadcast, at this broadcast President Monson got up and spoke specifically of charity, loving others and not judging. This truly hit me hard on two specific points in my life. So I've been really trying to change my attitude about people and it has helped a lot. I have found patience and brotherly kindness are much easier when I have a more loving attitude toward them. (It's so funny how that happens).
So I've been holding a grudge against someone. She didn't hurt me, but she has treated my sister poorly for many years. At first I thought it was all in my sisters head. I thought she was just insecure at a young age, but as I've been able to work in the young women's program in my home ward I've seen how wrong I was. I always looked the other way wondering why this person treated me so differently than she treated my sister. It was like she was two-faced. It got me wondering which one of these 'faces' was her true self. Was it the one that was an excellent student, friend to all, kind, and willing to do service for anyone; or was it the one who always seemed to put herself above others, because she was better than everyone else? Never wanting to be associated my sister outside of church to the point of alienation at school or out in public? Making snide comments behind her back and starting rumors that have very little truth if any? This person had always been beautiful in my eyes, both in looks and personality. As I saw this other 'face' she had she looked more and more like the "popular" girls in high school...'fake'.
This seems random to be placed in the same post as President Monson's talk but I promise I have a point (maybe not a good one, but I do have one non-the-less). What I have learned from this person is that I don't want to be perceived as fake. I want to honestly not judge people and love them for who they are, a child of god. But...but I also want to show my family how much them mean to me by defending them. In the last couple of years the way I've felt about family has changed. They are more important to me than friends who come and go throughout life (although I do have some friends that truly are family in my heart :o}).
So the true colors of this person, who has been like a little sister to me, have shown through and I'm glad that my sister is my sister. She teaches me so much about love and patience and enduring crappy circumstances. She still tries to get along with this person even though she makes it a point to make Hannah look stupid or ugly or not talented, but when other people are around, her generous, friend-to-all face comes on and she fools everyone. Well I'm not fooled anymore. And I won't stand for it anymore either, my sister is my best friend and if anyone hurts her I take it personally. I will try to follow President Monson's counsel and not judge others by loving them as God would. I will try to not gossip, because I know that it hurts others. And I will defend others, in a loving way, when they are being talked about behind their back.
So to this girl who has deliberately hurt my sister, I hope that you will have a change of heart and take Presidents counsel to heart as well. Remember that we all are children of God. And remember whose eyes you want to be beautiful in...the worlds or Gods?

You can read President Monson's talk at,5232,23-1-1298-39,00.html

Ok it's been a while.

Lets see where to start. I started working in June, there went all my free time (what free time?) Exactly! Finished out the summer semester. Passed Trig (whew). Started Level 3 and have been running around with my head chopped off since august 28th. But Honestly it's been a good semester. Starting field experience this week, I've already had my student teaching interview and Spring Semester is going to come and fly so fast, but be the longest semester of my life....I just know it! Anywho it's gonna be fun. Well I better get to bed cause my 8:30 class is going to come fast!
I'll update more later....
I think that I'll just say one more thing,

Life truly is about choices and our attitude or reaction to what happens to us is definitely a choice, Our Attitude can make or break a situation. Pres. Jacobsen I think I'm gonna borrow that motto for a little bit longer.